6ix Pricing

Start with a base plan below,
then choose your add-ons

1. Investor Intelligence

Questions? Contact us via email or live chat to speak with a member of management

Questions? Contact us via email or live chat to speak with a member of management

2. Marketing Add-Ons

Enhance any base plan with these add‑ons


Daily posts from all of your corporate social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, about company updates and industry news; plus, one-on-one strategic advisory with key members of management to publish consistent content from their personal LinkedIn profiles with an aim of highlighting management expertise to investors.

$2,500/ per month


Investors and other stakeholders will stay up to date with your progress through the following email series: Drip Campaign Series, Press Release Series, In The News Series, and Ask Me Anything Series.

$2,500/ per month


Powered by our proprietary database of 500,000 stakeholders in the metals & mining industry, we propose launching 4 different ad campaign types: Social Media Ads, Display Ads, Search Ads, and Email Banner Ads.

$2,500/ per month

An ad budget is built into the program. At your option, you may increase the ad budget.

3. Ad Budget

Monthly flow through ad spending

$0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000


Your investor experience program includes:

Monthly Total

asked questions

- Get us up to speed and keep us up to date with the happenings at your company

- Provide all login details

- Provide all requested data

- Confirm start dates, timelines and goals

- Be collaborative

- Be expressive

- Read the GANTTs and reports

- Be on time for meetings and come prepared

- Be accessible

- We are your guide through the digital marketing ecosystem and how to build relationships with investors, online

- We will provide data and analytics for your campaigns, and other campaigns that you are running

- We will be a soundboard for you to bounce ideas

- Phone

- Email

- Skype

- In-person meetings

- Monthly Reports

- Bi-Weekly GANTT charts

- Please refer to the GANTT chart and campaign plan

- See quarterly goals

- On-going results via databox

- See results as the campaign progresses

- See results at check-ins

- See results in monthly reports

- See results in GANTTs

- Monthly reporting calls

- Quarterly plans

- To setup large campaigns

- Ads updated monthly + w/ events

- Be timely in giving us data

- Be responsive

- If we say there is a bottleneck, solve it for us promptly

- Read reports and GANTTs

- Ask questions and share ideas

- Full digital marketing services

- Ads

- Email

- Social

- Personal

- Corporate

- Investor attention increases

- Friendship

- Case study

- Payment

- Referrals

- Friendship