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6ix is building a social media network and securities marketplace designed around the unique capital markets needs of investors and companies.

We believe that by reinventing how investors discover, analyze and trade securities; and similarly, how companies market and sell securities, 6ix can become a leading marketplace for financial products.

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Why Invest in 6ix

World Class Product

Product loved by early users, strong customer references, compelling why now, led by a visionary team with deep domain expertise.

Enormous Opportunity

Rapidly growing SaaS and success-based business model, with Increasing evidence of a multi-billion dollar market with $300 million in annualized recurring revenue potential.

Powerful Network Effects

6ix combines the strong network effects defensibility and scalability of a social network, with the lucrative software-as-a-service subscription model, with on-site marketplace transactions.

Investment Highlights

Get involved at the ground floor

We believe there is a large market opportunity created by the fundamental transformation in how people invest.

Public companies across every industry and continent can benefit from delivering powerful investor experiences to prospective investors and existing shareholders. If they fail to deliver this experience, they will experience less interest from prospective investors and greater churn from current shareholders. The promise of our platform is greater trading volumes and a stronger share price because we help public companies market to new investors while strengthening the resolve of their current shareholder base.


We begin the fundraising process
on July 1, 2019


Preparations for financing

July 1, 2019


Financing Process Begins

July 1, 2019


Financing Process Closes

September 30, 2019