6ix will be a party to the upcoming Canada-Africa Chamber of Business reception in Nairobi, with Canada’s High Commissioner, on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

6ix’s own Garreth Bloor, in his capacity as President of the Canada-Africa Chamber of Business, will address the reception. A 6ix-sponsored dinner for invited mining guests and industry stakeholders will follow. 

Garreth Bloor will also address the Atlas Africa Liberty Forum from 22-23 August 2019 on property rights. The Fraser Institute’s Annual Survey of Mining Companies highlights the role of secure property rights and transparency in the development of the industry.

Some estimates put Kenya’s rare earth deposits at over US $60 billion, placing the country among the world’s top five in terms of deposits. While non-metallic minerals predominate, titanium, gold, and iron ore are in production – with Kenyan leaders recently convening a forum for a new mineral strategy.

Neighboring Uganda is experiencing a gold boom, while Canadian miner Barrick Gold Corp – the majority owner of London-listed mining firm Acacia Mining Plc – is well known in Tanzania. With East Africa’s population projected to hit 870 million over the next three decades, sand mining is projected to boom.

6ix believes that the future of African capital markets is greater inclusion, transparency, and trust. To this end, 6ix provides a data-driven investor experience platform that helps public companies attract investors, engage stakeholders, and build trust.

Contact Garreth Bloor of 6ix for more information, his details are below: 

Email: Garreth@6ix.com

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